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History of IFH Group

The IFH Group was established in 1945 as King’s Weld Shop of Rock Falls, Illinois.  Initially, the business was only a two man operation.  King’s Weld Shop started as a small weld repair shop, fixing anything from farm equipment to trailers, and expanded into boiler work as time went on.

The company was incorporated in 1966 as J.L. King Co., Inc. and occupied the northern portion of the building in which The IFH Group is located today.  At that point, the company took on fabrication work and began to expand its business greatly.

IFH Group Growth

As the company grew, the name of the corporation was changed to Sauk Valley Equipment Co.  The balance of the building where The IFH Group is located today was completed, and two additional expansion programs were finished.

Along with the updating of the facility itself, the manufacturing equipment went through a major renovation process.  As the Company continued to grow, the name of the Corporation was later changed to The IFH Group, Inc.

Through the years, The IFH Group has enjoyed a reputation for quality work and engineering, and prompt, courteous, knowledgeable service.

Expanded Products and Services at IFH Group

Throughout the evolution of the Company from 1966 to present day, the products and services have been vastly expanded and improved.  Through research and development and a highly trained staff, The IFH Group, Inc. now has the ability to design products that are customized to each customer’s exact specifications.

The engineering staff works tirelessly to assure customer satisfaction, and the full time office staff associates settle for nothing less than keeping the customer happy and well taken care of.

Divisions at IFH Group, Inc.

There are two primary operations at The IFH Group, Inc.; the first of which is the manufacturing of fluid storage and dispensing equipment and fluid transportation equipment.  The second area of focus for The IFH Group, Inc. is the manufacturing of hydraulic oil reservoirs and fuel tanks.

The IFH Group, Inc. has completed its 2nd building expansion, increasing our overall square footage to over 127,000 under one roof. The most recent addition houses our non-ferrous manufacturing lines. The addition has enabled us to streamline all areas of production from incoming raw materials to shipment of completed fabrications and tanks in order to shorten the lead times to our customers. We are now able to expand our ferrous manufacturing by creating capacity and increasing our capability of supplying large fabrications and tanks. We have dedicated prototype cells, dedicated employee weld testing cells, and have added four major welding cells with large-capacity material handling equipment. There are many more improvements on the horizon that will be completed by end of second quarter 2013.