One Eye Industries Inc.

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Mission Statement

To design and manufacture the most effective cost efficient filtration systems in the world and answer the challenges industry offers.

To grow our company into an international supplier through strategic partnerships with quality companies who operate on a similar high level of integrity and commitment.

With a dedicated effort, increase the application of our filtration solutions to improve industry efficiency thereby reduce overall dependency on fossil fuels and a reduction of harmful emissions that result from our industrial revolution.


About Us


One Eye Industries Inc welcomes its 19th year in business. With 4 years of product development and entering our 15th year of sales our product lines continue to grow to answer the needs of our wide area and expanding customer base around the world in every industry.

We manufacture an extensive product line utilizing new magnet technology. Our filters work with and compliment existing filtration systems and or replace them with reusable stainless screen filters. Custom designs are welcome.

Industry has been reluctant to employ magnetic filtration due to years of exposure to ineffective design and limited magnetic ability. Recent technological advances in magnetic properties and manufacturing processes have resulted in smaller, stronger high tech magnets available that allow innovative new designs for filtration systems and dramatically improving traditional magnetic filtration.

Industry research states "Iron and Steel" particles under 10 microns in size are the most damaging contaminants in air compression, water, lubrication, hydraulic fluid, coolant and fuel systems. The rate at which contamination enters these systems is greatly underestimated and understated. Likewise, the effectiveness of traditional filters at removing metal contaminants is greatly overstated. Magnetic filtration has practical and beneficial applications for all industry: chemical processing, oil & gas refining, manufacturing, construction equipment, transportation, marine and pulp & paper.

Our first line: reusable magnetic filters that compliment and work with existing disposable filters. They attach to the outer skin, extract and trap contaminants to the interior filter skin.

Our second line: magnetic rods and scrubber filters install in-tank, or inline. They offer maximum filtration, no bypassing with minimal flow restriction, low & high- pressure applications with ten plus years of service.

Our third line: the ADD-Vantage 9000 series are heavy-duty reusable stainless screen filters equipped with an internal magnetic filter and an internal fail-safe by-pass. When the bypass is activated the fluid is still filtered by the magnetic filter. They are environmentally friendly with ten plus years of service.

All our products offer long life, are user friendly, easily cleaned, reusable and maintained with minimal effort and cost. Cleaner fuel and lubricants for all applications in industry will result in reduced maintenance costs and increased productivity. This will reduce the demand on industry to produce and use more energy that results in increased emissions.