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Our premium synthetic motor oil and synthetic lubricants have been designed to improve performance in all conditions and provide cleaner operation, better mileage and decreased oil change frequency. With options available for most automotive, industrial, marine, motorcycle and racing applications, Royal Purple is the obvious choice to maximize performance.

Advanced Technology Creates Advanced Products

Synerlec additive technology is Royal Purples most versatile additive technology and the cornerstone of their product line. Synerlec enables their products to significantly outperform ordinary synthetic conventional lubricants. This proprietary additive technology improves their products on a molecular level, by creating high-strength ionic bonds with metallic surfaces that allow their lubricants to react to sustained heat and pressure with increased film strength and lubricity.

High Film Strength Improves Performance

The film strength of a lubricant is its inherent ability to withstand the effects of load, speed and temperature without breaking down or rupturing, thus enabling the lubricant to maintain an unbroken film between lubricated surfaces under operating conditions. Royal Purples Synerlec-enhanced products provide exceptional film strength and improves combustion to free up more power, optimize fuel economy and reduce emissions. High film strength also dramatically reduces wear. According to the editors of Hot Rod Magazine, “We’ve torn down some of our dyno engines that have been seriously abused, but with Royal P(urple) in the pan, the bearings have looked new.” Royal Purple Synerlec-enhanced product’s actually improves the condition of metal surfaces by remaining long after pressure would have been squeezed out of ordinary lubricants. Royal Purple responds to increased pressure with increased viscosity.