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Pop-A-Plug®, The Best Solution for Condenser Tube Leaks!

Posted 1/19/15 (Mon)® is Designed for quick and consistent installation without the risk of damaging the tubesheet or adjacent tubes. Plugs are suitable for service in operating pressures up to 1,000 PsiG (69 BarG) and are installed without welding or explosives. A variety of systems and tools are available for installation and removal.


Minimize forced outage hours caused by condenser plug leaks! 


The Pop-A-Plug® works by its unique patented pin/ring sealing method that provides a helium leak tight seal and is always installed in a controlled and repeatable process.


Since the plug material is always matched to the tube material, thermal expansion is always consistent between the tube and the plug; eliminating the opportunity for thermally induced leaks.