Tesla AirHeater Solutions

Tesla Airheater Solutions (TAS) provides a complete line of air preheater replacement parts and basketed elements. TAS specializes in manufacturing both standard and our patented high performance seals, baskets (including new and innovative element configurations and coatings for SCR systems), and related parts for rotary regenerative air preheaters. Our commitment to quality and cutting edge technology insures the customer receives premium products designed to provide optimum performance, providing efficiency through innovation. 

At Tesla Airheater Solutions we pride ourselves in being American owned and operated. All of our Manufacturing as well as research and development is American made. We do not, and will not, out source to other countries. Tesla Airheater Solutions provides innovative new products that are designed for environmentally friendly plant operations.

Tesla Airheater Solutions is the result of a vision by Jack Freidberg, who began over 40 years ago, with his father Phil Freidberg and Max Wheeler, in Power Replacements, Inc. For the past four decades Jack has worked to improve air preheater performance, putting together element lines for Helmick Corporation, Wahlco and his own Power Replacements, Inc. Tesla Airheater Solutions was founded by Jack Freidberg’s son, Eric Amberson, MD. who, with his father, shared the vision to improve air preheater performance. Tesla Airheater Solutions, three generations of providing efficiency through innovation.

Tesla Airheater Solutions employs state of the art computer controlled manufacturing at our facilities in Huntington Beach, California. Tesla Airheater Solutions uses SPC or Statistical Process Control in all of the manufacturing processes. Every job is quality inspected at each operation to ensure 100% accuracy. Tesla Airheater Solutions uses CCD Vision for inspection of each control part sample. All test reports, material and process certifications will be available online as well as included with each shipment. Real time job progress reports, as well as freight tracking numbers, are available 24 hours per day on our web site. Tesla Airheater Solutions has a complete manufacturing facility at your disposal. We understand the importance of quality, value, accuracy and on-time delivery. 


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